Monday, February 4, 2008

Outrageous Examples of Pathologists Gone Bad

I received some slides for a second opinion today. Four immunostains (P63, -903, P504S, and CK 5,6) were performed on each of three prostate cores. That's a dozen IHC stains performed at a cost of over $1000. The letterhead of the report identifies the lab as based in the urology office. A hired pathologist reads cases in their office. Technical services (88305-TC and 88342-TC) are provided by the same laboratory which supplies the hired pathologist for the (88305-26 and 88342-TC) professional services.

Interesting thing is that the tumor is easily recognizable on the routine H&E slide. All the money and effort spent on the secial stains were unneccessary. BTW, I have heard that the Urology group has an investment in the Pathology Services Company that manages the laboratory.

It would be interesting to hear of other Pathologists-gone-bad examples as comments to this post.

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