Monday, February 4, 2008

Cytospins on Prostate Biopsies

Just thought I'd share an e-mail with you.

To: Jonathan Oppenheimer ; XXXXX
Sent: Fri Feb 01 14:35:59 2008
Subject: Another way to rip off the patients
I just wanted to let you both know some info that was passed along to me through XXXX this morning. We lost our biopsy business at XXXXX Urology in XXXXX, AZ.
We knew this was coming due to their merger with XXXXXXX, but this is the kicker.
The reason the group decided to go with XXXX Diagnostics on their prostate biopsies is because at XXXX after they extract the prostate core from the formalin vial, they do a cyto-spin on every formalin vial.
What way will they think of next to rip-off the poor patients?

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