Monday, February 4, 2008

Jane Pine Woods Esq. advises on Avoidance of Defamation

I ask any party who believes that this blog contains any defamatory statement(s) to notify me immediately so that they may be reviewed and if unsupported, removed at the earliest opportunity.

J Oppenheimer

Ms Wood today sent me the following communication.

Amen! I am hearing many of the same concerns from virtually all of my clients. Like you, they want to be competitive and obtain new business, but they also want to comply with legal and ethical guidelines. That's hard to do when some pathology providers don't play by the same rules.

I also suggest, as an aside, that you be careful using the names of other laboratories to avoid possible claims of defamation. Use of the phrase "I believe" or "It is my understanding that" can also be helpful.

See you in Denver.

Thanks, Jane

Jane Pine Wood, Esq.McDonald Hopkins LLC 956 Main Street Dennis, MA 02638direct 508.385.5227 fax 508.385.4355

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