Sunday, February 3, 2008

What is Ethical Pathology?

I'm not sure. That's what I hope to explore in this blog.
This admission hopefully will give contributors pause before they post screeds and rants against yours truly and the lab I have been managing since 1996.

I am open to criticism, am willing to listen to it, and be improved by it if I perceive it as constructive. I have never claimed to be a paragon of virtue, but I do intend to live a meaningful and ethical life as far as I am able in the years I have left. I certainly have room for improvement and aim to get as close to the mark as I can, knowing full well that I will always fall short to some degree.

That said, the purpose of this blog is not for my moral education (although I do hope to improve from editing its content), but to serve as a forum where those who wish to improve the current environment may come to lurk or contribute. If visitors to this blog assist patients to get better healthcare without undergoing unnecessary testing, if medical costs are lowered, if professionism (ie, fiduciary duty to patients) is fostered, if regulatory agencies can create a more level playing field on which competition leads to better service to society, this blog will have succeeded.

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